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Photography Workshops- Are They Worth It?

Do you wish to enhance your photography skills and take better photos? Do you want to learn the tricks of professional photography from an experienced pro? Then a photography workshop will be highly beneficial for you.

What is a Photography Workshop?

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It is mainly a learning experience where professional photographers will guide and instruct you to improve your skills and craft. Photography workshops aim to teach you different and new techniques either in the studio or in the field or both. It can also help you to learn post-production and editing techniques as well. Photography workshops are usually small and the workshop leader(s) provide one-on-one training and guidance to all participants. You will also receive effective feedback on your progress while you are learning.

What Can You Learn from a Photography Workshop?

Apart from learning new techniques, you will pick up various other tips and tricks related to photography during your workshop.

Renewing Your Passion

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Taking part in a workshop can help you to increase your passion for photography. As you will learn new aspects about photography and discover new opportunities, you will be inspired and motivated to improve as a photographer.

Building Your Personal Style

You will learn from experts who will ensure that you receive all the support and help you need. A good instructor will not only help you to improve your technical skills, but he will also guide you to explore and develop your style that suits your vision. Your vision and skills will become more refined with skilled guidance and you will be able to develop your own style.

Improving Your Technical Skills

As more advanced digital cameras are getting introduced every month, new and even experienced photographers can get puzzled with all the new features. A photography workshop will help you to learn the various advanced features of your camera, especially if it is a DSLR. With the guidance of expert professionals and support from your group members, you will learn about using filters, using the right lenses and correcting exposure. This will help you to take unique and stunning photos.

Opportunity for Taking Photos of Great Locales

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A workshop or a photo tour led by a pro will give you the opportunity to visit the most scenic locations and take your best photos. Guided by expert knowledge, you will be able to apply your photography knowledge and focus on improving your photography with all preparation already done. However, you need to check with the instructors and find out where they go on photo tours, before you participate.

Meeting with Other Photography Lovers

A workshop will give you the opportunity to meet with like-minded people and make new friends who share your passion. You will be able to share knowledge, tips and techniques with other members in your group. This can certainly be an excellent learning experience.

Practicing What You Have Learned

As you will learn different theories and techniques in the field, you will be able to put theory in to practice immediately. The improvement of your technical skills directly depends on your practice. The more photos you take, the better you will learn.

Apart from these, a photography workshop guided by a knowledgeable professional can help you learn various other things. The feedback you will receive from your instructor and your peers will help you to understand your shortcomings and work on them. But most of all, a workshop will provide you the opportunity to make new friends and have fun while taking striking photos.

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Panasonic GH4 DSLM: A Camera worth Buy

The Japanese-based company, Panasonic officially announced Panasonic GH4 Digital Single Lens Mirror less camera (DSLM), which was previewed previously at CES 2014. This is the fourth camera to release in the line of GH series. In a sharp contrast to previous ones, which were primarily focused on improving the still image quality, the GH4 has been positioned by Panasonic as a professional video camera.

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                                                                     Image Source: bit.ly/1c5lqQ3

The GH4 is very much similar to the GH3 in terms of form factor but when we take a close look on the specs, we come across that Panasonic has kept the big focus on improved video quality. For the first time, Panasonic blurs the line between professional and consumer video.

More like a cinema camera

The GH4 is the first of the Four Thirds series to capture 4K-resolution video and considered more like a cinema camera when it comes to delivering high-quality stills. This camera is built on newly designed 16MP sensor, which can be optimized for 4K video capture at 4096×2160 pixels. With a 2.36 Million Dot OLED EVF, an attachable XLR adapter and focus peaking, the camera truly holds a great value.

Value for money

With expected price closer to $1,500, the GH4 is certainly value for money. Plenty of useful features, including quad-core Venus CPU, are available with this camera. It’s because of the high-powered Venus CPU that the GH4 is able to shoot away at 12 frames per second. If you compare this camera with previous models, it has a larger image buffer and can process closer to 40 RAW or 100 JPEG images in one go. If you are a sports or nature photographers, you will love to own the camera.

Capture brilliantly clean photos

The micro four-thirds sensor is approximately equivalent to the traditional Super 16mm film. However, the sensor is obviously smaller than that of Canon and Nikon’s full-frame and APS sized sensors. The sensor of GH4 has the ability to capture brilliantly clean photos even under gloomy light conditions.

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                                                                    Image Source: bit.ly/1c5lqQ3

Lighter and less bulky

Now when it is about camera body weight, sensor size is an important consideration. As GH4 makes use of a micro four-thirds sensor, its weight is around half of the usual Canon and Nikon DSLRs. The lenses in GH4 are lighter and less bulky in comparison to many other DSLRs.

Well, there are some limitations as well with the camera. The smaller sensor of the camera limits photographers and video capture in two ways. On this camera, it is not easy to get wide-angle shots and out-of-focus; depth-of-fields effects are not as dramatic.

Overall, the Panasonic GH4 DSLM won’t break the bank and is quality product to own. So, if you are looking forward to buy a camera, you may consider the Panasonic GH4 camera.