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How Pryadko Shot This Amazing Time-Lapse Video Of UAE With A Canon 60D

Do you like urban photography? Do you wish to learn about night photography in urban locations? Do you live in the United Arab Emirates? If your answer is yes to all or any of the questions above, then you must watch this amazing new time-lapse video which was shot in the contemporary cities of the UAE. Even if your answer is no to any or all of the questions above, even then you will undoubtedly enjoy this thrilling and exciting video shot by photographer Artem Sergeevich Pryadko in 2013.

A Timeless Time-Lapse Video

Although there are several top quality time-lapse videos out there that had set the benchmark pretty high for all photographers around the world, this awesome 2013 time-lapse video will surely make you reconsider of what the benchmark should be. Although Pryadko, (also known as zweizwei motion time-lapse) had previously shot many other high quality time-lapse clips in the cities of Moscow, Singapore, Belarus and Kiev, but this amazing 5 minute neatly shot and edited clip of Abu Dhabi and Dubai will leave anyone spellbound.
Both the cities are the respective capitals of their Emirates and have been developed on a grand scale over the past decades, mainly from the revenue generated from their prominent oil industry. Moreover, both cities are among the most populous regions in the United Arab Emirates. The region is well known around the globe for their striking architecture and rapid boom in population. Both Dubai and Abu Dhabi have developed tenfold in the last 40 years,
especially due to immigration from various regions.

The 2013 video clip shot by photographer Artem Sergeevich Pryadko focuses on the beauty, glamour, opulence, vitality and life present in these popular desert oases, magnified by the expansion and growth. Irrespective of whether you are a photography enthusiast or not, you will be fascinated by the impressive angles, locations, shots, smart time-lapse motion and clever editing tricks.

A Smart Tool For A Cool Video


It seems that Pryadko had unregulated access to some excellent locations from which he shot this remarkable video. He shot the entire clip back in 2013 with a Canon 60D DSLR along with high-end lenses from Tokina, Canon and Sigma. It was rather a smart choice by Pryadko to use the Canon 60D camera which is an 18 Megapixels a mid-range DSLR with a fully-articulated screen and top-notch HD video recording facility. The camera is highly consumer-friendly and includes several image and video editing features. The Canon 60D is an excellent device for promising videographers as you can set the exposure with both manual and automatic settings. It also includes a wind filter which you can enable.

If the video has inspired you to make your own time-lapse clip or take up urban photography, then its time you pick up your own DSLR camera and start shooting the stunning landscapes of the UAE. You can easily find a wide range of Canon DSLR Camera in UAE that will meet your needs and budget and help you become a budding photographer.
So get out there and start shooting the next awesome time-lapse video with your Canon DSLR camera and set a new benchmark for all photographers worldwide.
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Canon Launches EOS 5DS With 61-Point Autofocus Array And 50.6 Megapixels

Canon is undoubtedly one of the global market leaders when it comes to DSLR and compact cameras, lenses and accessories. Canon cameras offer you the latest in innovative technologies with unmatched performance and superior quality images that are clearer, crisper and sharper. Canon has created a strong reputation in the last 75 years by offering innovative products, superb customer service and the best photography experience.

The Canon EOS 5DS Is Here

Canon has recently launched the EOS 5DS and its variant the EOS 5DS R that has the world’s highest resolution at a whopping 50.6 megapixels for DSLR 35mm full-frame sensors. The CMOS sensor on the camera exceeds its rivals, namely the Nikon D810 which has 36 megapixels and Samsung NX1 that has 28 megapixels.

The new and impressive cameras from Canon are primarily targeted at professional and advanced amateur photographers. It will be available in June this year with a price tag of $3,899 for the body of 5DS R; while the 5DS body will be priced at US$3,699. The basic difference between the two models is that Canon 5DS R can remove the effect of the low-pass anti-alias filter that has been developed to balance wavy patterns called moiré.

Get The Fullest Details

Richard Berger, a spokesman at the Tokyo headquarters of Canon, said “The boosted imaging performance is supported by the Dual DIGIC 6 image processors and the mirror-vibration control system, which minimizes camera shake to ensure users get optimal results from the image sensor.” He added “And since the images that the cameras produce are so high in resolution, even cropped images will maintain a significant level of detail.”

The new 5DS and 5DS R include an array of 61 point autofocus which allows it to shoot up to 5 frames per second at a maximum of 12800 ISO. The cameras are also equipped with a Fine Detail Mode that enhances even the slightest details in a picture and that also without any unnecessary effects of over-sharpening. These also include a time lapse video function, which is has been introduced for the first time in any EOS camera. This feature allows you to automatically combine still images into a full HD movie video for a duration of 2 minutes.

Introducing The Rebel T6i And Rebel T6s

The company also added 2 other models to the well known Rebel line of high-end and mid-range DSLR cameras. Both the T6i and the T6s are equipped with 24.2-megapixel APS-C image sensor, NFC and Wi-Fi capabilities. The T6s also includes a number of improved features like in the burst shooting mode you can enable continuous tracking of moving subjects. These cameras will be available from the end of April with an expected price of $749 for the T6i and $849 for the T6s.

Canon has also set to launch the EF11-24mm f/4L USM zoom lens with the widest angle of view in the world for interchangeable lens cameras. The lens has been specifically designed for the EOS line of cameras and is expected to be priced at $2,999.

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