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7 Essential Tips to Help You Become a Skilful Photographer

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Photography is an art of capturing the memorable moments to savor for years to come. Today, it is considered as the hottest profession in the town. More and more people these days are taking up, or have taken photography as their career and equal number of people observe it as their hobby.

If photography is your profession or a hobby, you must know a lot more about how it works, in order to improve your portrait photography skills. Here are some essential tips to help you boost your overall photography skill set.

Selection – To earn recognition, it is wise only to show the best pictures of yours to others. It will keep them interested in your work.

Turn the camera on its side – It may seem uncomfortable to hold the camera on its side but you must get used to it. If the subject fits well into upright rectangle, shooting in landscape may not worth it, as so much picture space is wasted. The pixels of your camera hold great value so do not waste them unnecessarily.

Framing – By providing attention to framing, you can easily augment your photography. Looking into the viewfinder’s corner will let you see what is there. You must find out whether you require all that background and have to zoom in to get closer to your subject.

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Lighting direction – A lot of things in photography depends upon lighting. In order to identify the direction of lighting, take a close and careful look at the subject and see how the shadows fall. If you have chosen the day time to shoot the pictures, do it in the early morning or late afternoon. Shooting pictures when the sun is too high in the sky may not produce the best quality pictures. As the color of light is warmer in early morning and late afternoon, a nice, pleasing effect is created in the pictures. While shooting in sunlight, make sure to position your subject such that sun hits it from the side.

In camera flash – At the time of using in camera flash; make sure your subject stays away from walls, particularly light-colored ones. You must also evade using that ugly black shadow, which looks more like an outline.

Speed of shutter – While shooting the moving objects, it is important to set the camera to Shutter Speed Priority mode. By doing so, you select the shutter speed whereas the camera chooses the sitting aperture, depending on the light reading.

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Apertures – Select the Aperture Priority mode if you think that field depth is important to ensure everything is in focus or to keep some things out of focus. By doing so, the camera will choose the speed of shutter as per the lighting conditions.

By following these tips, you will not only improve your photography skill but eventually, come out as winner. The great and successful photographers always pay heed to the tips and advices and accordingly perform their task.


Why a Professional Photographer Needs Right Set of Studio Equipment?

Photography is an art to capture the moment that has gone forever, impossible to reproduce. Today, photographs have become integral part of human life. Through photographs, people are able to relive and savour the unforgettable moments of their life. Capturing the memorable photographs is passion for many. As a profession, photography is seen as one of the coolest career options.

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So, if you want to become a professional photographer or taking photos is your hobby, it is essential for you to look at everything with an artistic point of view and must have technical knowhow. More importantly, you must have the right set of photography studio equipment, as the substandard ones may cause some sort of hassles in your photography career.

Professionals need photography studio equipment

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When it is about photography studio equipment, various gears and tools are needed other than cameras. Though camera is the most essential gadget, other equipment, such as light stands, photo umbrellas, barn doors, backgrounds, strobe flash heads and lighting equipment, are also needed in a photo studio.

Rookie photographers may go for second hand equipment but they should make sure that everything is in good condition. Once you have gained some experience, go for brand new equipment.

Before buying the set of equipment, you are suggested to explore the market and do extensive research on each set. A wide range of photo studio equipment is accessible at online stores.

Lighting equipment is of huge importance

While clicking photographs, the most important aspect is lighting. In order to give realistic touch to photos, lots of lighting is needed. The amount of light projected on the subject is the basis of photography and photographers should also pay attention to the limit the use of available lighting.

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If you are looking forward to create a perfect portrait, you require ample lighting, whether natural or artificial. Hair light equipment is considered vital for photography setup.

Tripod to strike balance


Tripod is another very important equipment to have in the photography studio. Professional photographers should buy a good quality tripod to help them in striking balance while clicking photos.

Here are couple of equipment sets that you may contemplate placing in your photography studio.

VISICO VT 200 SOFT BOX KIT – For a pro, this box kit is a must have. It includes 2 x LS-8005K air cushion light stand, 2 x SB-030 soft box, 2 x VT-200 flash head, and 1 x KB-A kits bag.


PHOTTIX 5 IN 1 LIGHT MULTI COLLAPSIBLE REFLECTOR 80CM – This multi collapsible 5-in-1-light-multi-collapsible-reflectorreflector is suitable to be used outdoor as well as in your studio. Perfect for capturing still life, nature, close-ups, portraits and product photography, it is easy to be used with various light sources, including tungsten, flash, daylight, etc.

You can get several other photography equipment sets online.

Good Quality Security Cameras for Increased Surveillance

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In a day and age when crime rates are soaring and the security of individuals has become extremely important. With the help of security or surveillance cameras we can keep crime in check and even if we can’t stop a crime, we can surely get a lead as to how to track down a criminal or wrong-doer. We can also keep behavior in check with the help of security cameras as people will always mind themselves when they see that they are on surveillance. However, when you want to buy a good security camera, you must keep a few points in mind.

Understanding & choosing the right security camera

There are different kinds of cameras you can choose from like:

  • Dome cameras
  • IR or Infrared security cameras
  • Pan tilt zoom cameras
  • Pro box cameras
  • Hidden cameras

Do you want wireless or wired cameras?

You must also decide whether you want a wired camera or a wireless one. Here are points to help you decide. Wired cameras are usually preferred because the video signal sent is more secure and solid as they are not transmitted through the air but via cable. However, wired surveillance cameras can cost you more money because the wiring needs to be done, which is also more time consuming and takes more effort.

In contrast, wireless cameras can be installed just about anywhere because one does not have to worry about the wiring and cables. Also, security of signals has become a matter of lesser concern because of Wi-Fi and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol.

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Tips to consider

  • Consider the use of the security camera. If you need the camera for outdoor purposes then the Infrared Weatherproof Bullet camera will be the best choice and if you want to use the camera indoor, then a dome camera would suit your purpose well.
  • It is advisable to pick up cameras with high resolution so that the picture quality is superior
  • Do a survey or read the consumer reviews and ratings before buying the surveillance camera

If you keep these things in mind, then it will be much easier to buy a good quality security camera.

Smart Strategies to take Quality Photos for an Online Store

When it comes to selling a camera online, it often becomes a daunting task to convince people that the product you are offering them to buy is undoubtedly awesome. You know how customers are impressed with colorful images as well as different shapes and sizes of a DSLR or a normal camera you are selling. But what you need is to present an appealing representation that can help them decide without taking too much time that they are interested to go for your product.

So, here are a few cool and easy steps that would let you cast your product in the best possible manner. Have a look:

  • Be creative with your camera – If it’s a DSLR camera which you are willing to sellonline, you can try a lot of options and succeed in product photography. In fact, it would be best if you can go for an interchangeable-lens camera that would help you click high quality images. You can use the kit lens for zoom versatility or else a macro lens for better results. If you lack steadiness in your hands, using Gorillapod will prove to be quite handy.
  • Know your camera – By using external lenses, you can make your photos look so good that outsiders will consider them to have shot with a very pricey camera. However, those who are planning to go for product photography can go for macro lens attachments. Even in case the photos get blurred, you can simply ditch the attachment and stick to your original lens.
  • Make use of good lighting – The presence of good lights can add life to your photos. However, you just cannot depend on natural light because nature does not allow it to access 24×7. Instead, you can go for the Elinchrom D-Lite 4 Kit that comes with tripods, two lights and diffuser squares that can be attached. In fact, try choosing such photography lighting kits that can run in continuous mode versus flash only. This makes you shoot videos as well.

  • Clean up your photos – Make sure that the photos you about to submit at the online store are carrying no fingerprints. Even if your lens clings on to dust, photos will never look bright and clear. So, do not forget to check that your photos aren’t carrying unnecessary marks, and then only people will appreciate the clarity of your photographs.

So, just follow these strategies and you are sure to attract your target audience through your product photography. Good luck!!

What You Should Consider while Buying a Digital Camera?

Buying a camera is not entirely an easy thing for many people. Cameras are not generally a one-model-fits-all type of product, so it is hard for you to point to a single camera and say, “Get me this one!”

In fact, buying a camera is very complex task. With an array of sizes, features, designs and prices, you may end up disappointed unless you know what you need. So, before you head to buy a camera, go through various models, designs, and their reviews.

Here are a few important things that you should know prior to buying a camera

• Do not look for specifications of camera, as there is no spec to tell you which one is best. It is not necessarily correct that bigger zoom range and a higher resolution make the camera better. Do not look for the camera with highest megapixels or longest zoom range.

• Do not be anxious to buy the best in particular class, as the truth is that one camera seldom beats the others on the four major criteria, which are performance, design, photo quality, and features, usually within the budget. Instead, make sure to buy a camera that does not produce stellar photo quality.

• Do not buy anything blindly, try the camera before purchasing. You should look whether it fits comfortably in your hand, or is too heavy to carry around. The camera you are looking for should offer quick access to commonly used functions, and menus.


Types of camera

Usually, three types of digital cameras are accessible at the market: point and shoot, mirror-less interchangeable lens/compact interchangeable lens (MILC or CILC), and digital SLRs (DSLRs).

Point-and-shoot cameras – Plenty of the design in this range is available in the market. You can either go for affordable, easy to carry and simple to use compact shooter, or robust professional models with advanced shooting options and longer zooms.

Interchangeable lens cameras – This range of cameras provides superior quality of images, lots of creative options, and faster performance, in comparison to point-and-shoot cameras. However, if you are looking for these cameras, be ready to pay higher price.

DSLR cameras – If you are a professional photographer and looking to take full control over images, go for a DSLR. They offer most advanced features to meet the needs of experienced and professional shooters. Each of the DSLR cameras is compatible with different range of interchangeable lenses and camera accessories. However, they are more expensive and you have to pay the prices for body and lenses separately.

Professional photographers are advised to buy digital SLR cameras, as they produce high image quality and allow you full control over the photography experience.